When you choose ENSEEIHT ...

you choose …

…the largest of France’s National Schools of Engineering (‘Grandes Ecoles’) - 1600 students and 5 specialised fields of study:

  • Electrical Engineering and Automatics
  • Electronics
  • Information Technology, Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
  • Fluid Mechanics
  • Telecommunications and Networks

…a vibrant Students’ Association, where n7 engineers get experience way beyond engineering !

  • Students’ Association, Arts Committee, Sports Committee

… a school renowned in industry for training operational engineers

  • with strong scientific and technical skills in the school’s specialised fields,
  • capable of developping complex systems spanning several specialised fields
  • ready to make their mark on scientific and technical developments,
  • capable of taking on management responsibilities in an international context.

When you choose Toulouse, you choose …

…the second largest university town in France with more than 120 000 students at 4 different universities and 12 ‘grandes écoles’ …and this beautiful city owes its exciting nightlife largely to them !

…an economic and industrial hub. Renowned all over the world for its high-technology industries: space, aeronautics, the A380 and the A400M, new technologies for information and communication, embedded systems and electronics, biotechnologies, nanosciences, energy, the environment …

… a sporting city

Half way between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, at the foot of the Pyrenees, Toulouse is the perfect place for sport: skiing, sailing … and of course rugby !

… a certain ‘savoir vivre’

Toulouse is known as ‘la ville rose’, ‘the pink city’ because of the way the light plays on the traditional brickwork of the city. Here you will enjoy the sunny southern climate, the local culinary specialities, the wines, the cheeses and so much more.

… a cultured environment

Toulouse is well-known for its arts: orchestras, theatre companies, concert halls…and famous for its heritage sites : Le Bazacle, the hôtels du pastel, the Church of the Jacobins the Basilica of Saint-Sernin, Saint Etienne Cathedral…

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The National Institute of Electrical engineering, Electronics, Computer science,Fluid mechanics & Telecommunications and Networks

2, rue Charles Camichel - BP 7122
31071 Toulouse Cedex 7, France

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