International degrees:

  • Admission in M1 : required level Bachelor of Science or Engineering
  • Admission in M2 : required level M1 Master of Science or Engineering

French degrees, for foreign student applicants :

  • Admission in M1 : required level L3
  • Admission in M2 : required level M1 of Master

Enrollment fees

The real cost is 9000 Euros per year.


Acceptance to scholarships of INP can reduce the course fees to a minimum of 5000 Euros per year.
Scholarship through a reduction of the fees can be offered to students coming from partner universities.

Exceptionally the same kind of scholarship can be given to top level student.

Scholarships(based upon eligibility and acceptance)

Scholarships from the French government (Eiffel, Embassies, …)
Scholarships from the European Union (Erasmus, Leonardo, etc.),
Scholarships from French regional authorities (cities, Regions, etc .. )
Stipends for the internships in academic labs or industrial companies


Application form


Escuela Nacional Superior de Electrotécnica, Electrónica, Informática, Hidráulica y Telecomunicaciones de Toulouse

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31071 Toulouse Cedex 7, France

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