Semestre 1

Academic session of around 400 h, provided by ENSEEIHT permanent professors and experts from the aerospace industry bringing current knowledge and experience, including :
- Lectures, tutorials, experimental and partical sessions, online exercices.
- Pratical works in team, simulation with MATLAB, OPNET, or specific software.
- 3 projects carried out in pairs for about 100 hours globally.
- Conferences, demonstrations in laboratory, experimentations on links, navigation receivers (GPS, etc).

Part 1 - Project management - 20 h


Part 2 - Basics - 159 h

Signal processing and source coding, Digital communications, Spread spectrum techniques, Coding and modulation for satellite channel, Network simulation tools, Networks and protocols for communications, Antennas and microwaves components

Part 3 - Systems and specific techniques - 182 h

Orbits and satellites platforms, Radiofrequency links and propagation, Space communications systems, Navigation and localization systems by satellite, Communication and navigation satellite payload, Digital filters and processing, Communications and navigation digital receivers, Ground stations and terminals.

Part 4 - Applications - 140 h

Sattelite based computer networks, Embedded-networks, Mobile communications and multimedia, Legal and economic aspects, Overview of space systems applications, Integrated Team Project

Semestre 2

The student conducts a professional report in aeronautics industry or organisation, in France or abroad.
He's supervised by a tutor from the host organisation and from ENSEEIHT.
The formation is concluded by the preparation of a report and a public defence.


6 month internship in a company or a laboratory.

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