Mastère Spécialisé (Advanced Master) - Embedded Systems (Systèmes embarqués)

Toulouse has one of the greatest concentrations of Embedded Systems industry in Europe with the major aerospace and equipment manufacturers working either for the aeronautical, space or car industry, including Airbus, CNES, Astrium, Continental, Thalès, etc.Embedded Systems have become essential in several kinds of product in daily life. Embedded Systems encompass a broad class of systems end are actively involved in all domains, from transport systems (aeronautics, space, road, rail and sea), to energy sectors (e.g. nuclear and chemical) and also to communication systems (e.g. mobile phones and PDAs). The Embedded Systems Master Program is a one-year professional course, designed by the ENSEEIHT and ISAE SUPAERO partners, with the support of the embedded systems industry. Aware of the real need for a multidisciplinary approach, the program prepares students with in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the underlying technologies involved in embedded

The program focuses on both theoretical and concrete aspects. It aims at:

  • developing competencies, at system level design for the development of Embedded Systems, based on strong basics of complementary subjects, such as electronics, computer science, energy conversion and management, automatic control, telecommunications and networks.
  • developing the system approach through integrated projects to master specific methods and tools applied to the following domains: aeronautics, space, automobile or multimedia.


The training for this Master’s degree is multidisciplinary. It covers all hardware, software and control issues of Embedded Systems within an integrated system based perspective.


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  (info-masters @ isae.fr)


Who can apply ?

Master degree or equivalent degree in science or engineering
Bachelor degree with 3 years of professenal experience at least 



× Info! Deadlines for application : from March to July.


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