Electronics and Signal Processsing Engineering

Mastering the electronics of today to design the systems of tomorrow.

When John Ambrose Fleming designed the first diode in 1904, a new science was born: electronics. After revolutionising the 20th century, today electronics are everywhere: from toys to space probes, in computers and televisions, smartphones, home automation, robotics and more.

And yet, perhaps this is only the beginning …

Just look around, electronics appear in new areas of our lives almost every day: when you’re waiting at the checkout or the coffee machine, checking information on a sign, watching a video, borrowing a bicycle or car-share … electronics are everywhere.

Perhaps even more importantly, strategic fields such as medicine, transport, defence and energy all use the latest technology both in sensors  themselves and in techniques for processing the information those sensors deliver. The Electronics Engineering training students receive at ENSEEIHT equips them for no less than 20 different professions. Our reputation is particularly strong with major industrial groups and cutting edge SME / SMI’s.

Electronics is at the heart of all of the systems that surround us !
Electronics is a factor in and a source of innovation !
There can be no future without electronics !

Perhaps  you will be one of the key players in this great adventure !


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Gaëtan Prigent
Head of department

- F121
Catherine Montels (catherine.montels @ enseeiht.fr)
+33 (0) 5 34 32 20 71

International Coordinator

Nathalie Raveu (nathalie.raveu @ enseeiht.fr)


The National Institute of Electrical engineering, Electronics, Computer science,Fluid mechanics & Telecommunications and Networks

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