Telecommunications and Networks

Every single day you use various telecommunications technologies, with or without realising it… communicating with friends on social networks, downloading (legally !) your music or videos, watching TV but also travelling by train or by plane, using NFC payment terminals...

If you join the Telecom-Networks Department (founded in 1999), you will learn to understand all current and future communication systems, wired or wireless, amongst which mobile telephony (2G/3G/4G), fixed-line or mobile internet, close and long range wireless communications systems (wifi, WiMax, Bluetooth,…), wired communications (ADSL,…), digital television (terrestrial, satellite).

We pay particular attention to network security issues, multimedia applications and embedded systems. So, you will acquire all of the skills needed to design the technologies of the future. In 2010 ENSEEIHT joined the ‘Institut Telecom, which has since become ‘Institut Mines-Telecom’. Consequently, our students can now complete their 3rd year of studies in one of the schools in the Institut such as Télécom Bretagne, Télécom Sud Paris, Télécom Business School, Eurecom, ...


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Martial COULON
Head of department

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International Coordinator

Béatrice Paillassa (Beatrice.Paillassa @


The National Institute of Electrical engineering, Electronics, Computer science,Fluid mechanics & Telecommunications and Networks

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