EES Program Curriculum

Discover below the EES Program Curriculum

MSc EES-M1 level offers an adaptation semester, fol-lowed by a learning to strengthen the background in electrical engineering fields:  

  • Electrical Machines, Structures and Modelling
  • Design of Power Converters
  • Automatics, Real time control, Signal Processing and Optimization
  • Simulations and experimental verification
  • Human and Social Skills

MSc EES-M2 level includes innovative courses and ad-vanced-level short projects around energy conversion.

Third semester (M2)

  • Design and Control of Static Converters
  • Design and Control of Actuators
  • Mechatronics, Design by System Optimization
  • Stationary and Embedded Systems, Power Grids and Smart Grids
  • Actuators and Generators
  • Systemic Design and Eco-design
  • Hybrid Systems, Smart Grids and Electrochemical Storage
  • Renewable Energies

Fourth semester (M2)

  • Long Project (6 weeks)
  • Diploma Internship (6 months in R&D industrial centers or in a public research laboratory




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