Exchange student

How to apply as an exchange student 

Exchange programs with ECTS are open to foreign students from ENSEEIHT partner universities, who have completed 2 full academic years of higher education.

All candidates must be nominated by the international office of their University. We won’t accept direct applications from the students.


Nomination / Application - Deadlines

All exchange students must be nominated by their University or School’s International Office with a mail to international.enseeiht[@] (international.enseeiht @


Deadlines :

  •  for nominations

May 1st : for the 1st semester / autumn semester / all year
November 1st
 : for the 2nd semester / spring semester

  •  for applications

May 15th : for the 1st semester / autumn semester / all year
November 15th
: for the 2nd semester / spring semester


A new on-line application process has been set up for the students nominated by the International Office of their university / school.
Upon receipt of their nominations, the students will receive all necessary information for their application.

Required documents for the application

The students will have to fill in an on-line application form and to upload directly the following documents:

  • Identity Card or Passport
  • Transcript of Records
  • Cover letter
  • C.V.
  • learning agreement, filled in, signed and stamped.See our website to know about the offered courses
  • french level proficiency certificate (all courses are taught in French, so we advise the students to have a good command of French: B1)


After the reviewing of their applications, the students should receive their acceptance letter, by Email, at the beginning of July or December (depending on the chosen exchange semesters/full year).

Semesters Duration

1st semester : mid of September - mid of January
2nd semester : mid of January - mid of July

International Office data - Departmental Coordinators

The students could ask these coordinators all their questions about the contents of the engineering courses, the requisites, the time-table...


LIST OF COURSES for the exchange students: engineering courses only

All these courses are taught in French, that means a good command in French language (B1 level according to the CEFR).

Only one department/faculty must be chosen (out of the 5), as well as only one year of studies (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

The students should attend all the courses of the U.Es (group of courses) which they will have chosen, in order to get the associated ECTS credits. It is not necessary to take all the U.Es of the semesters, since it will depend on the U.Es necessary to be validated in their home university.

The transcript of notes will be the exact equivalent of the approved learning agreement. So the learning agreement must be written very carefully.


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