Coming to ENSEEIHT as a foreign student

How to apply as an exchange student

Exchange programs with ECTS are open to foreign students from ENSEEIHT partner universities, who have completed 2 full academic years of higher education.

All candidates must be nominated by the international office of their University. We won’t accept direct applications from the students.


Nomination / Application - Deadlines

All exchange students must be nominated by their University or School’s International Office with a mail to

Deadlines for nominations and applications:

June 1st : for the 1st semester / autumn semester / all year
November 1st
 : for the 2nd semester / spring semester


A new on-line application process has been set up for the students nominated by the International Office of their university / school.
Upon receipt of their nominations, the students will receive all necessary information for their application.

Required documents for the application

The students will have to fill in an on-line application form and to upload directly the following documents:

  • Identity Card or Passport
  • Transcript of Records
  • Cover letter
  • C.V.
  • learning agreement, filled in, signed and stamped.See our website: to know about the offered courses
  • french level proficiency certificate (all courses are taught in French, so we advise the students to have a good command of French: B1)


After the reviewing of their applications, the students should receive their acceptance letter, by Email, at the beginning of July or December (depending on the chosen exchange semesters/full year).

Semesters Duration

1st semester : mid of September - mid of January
2nd semester : mid of January - mid of July

International Office data - Departmental Coordinators

The students could ask these coordinators all their questions about the contents of the engineering courses, the requisites, the time-table...


LIST OF COURSES for the exchange students: engineering courses only

All these courses are taught in French, that means a good command in French language (B1 level according to the CEFR).

Only one department/faculty must be chosen (out of the 5), as well as only one year of studies (1st, 2nd, 3rd).

The students should attend all the courses of the U.Es (group of courses) which they will have chosen, in order to get the associated ECTS credits. It is not necessary to take all the U.Es of the semesters, since it will depend on the U.Es necessary to be validated in their home university.

The transcript of notes will be the exact equivalent of the approved learning agreement. So the learning agreement must be written very carefully.



An easier arrival: information and support for all the necessary steps... See all available packages, from the free Welcome Pack (Find all the information you need, to prepare your arrival and stay) to the All In Pack  (From bank account opening till the long term accommodation booking)


Welcome Desk: open all year round

NEW !!! WELCOME DESK - 41 allées Jules Guesde - Toulouse - Contact (laccueil @

The Welcome Desk team will help you and will give you many advice on important matters, such as : 

  • Prefecture (visa and residence permit) - CAF (housing benefits) - CROUS (Halls of Residence) - Accommodation and Guarantor (Caution CLé) - Tisseo (Toulouse metropolitan transport system)
  • Handbook 2016/2017




For citizens who do not come from the European Economic Area (EEA), a visa is required.

How to apply for a visa to come to France ?

To apply for a visa to come to France, you must contact the French consulate of your country of origin. Some consulates put online visa application forms. Once the form is completed, it must gather all the required supporting documents and file all at the consulate.
The response times can vary. Refer to the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for more information:

Campus France Process

The procedure you will have to follow to enter a French institution will depend on your nationality, the country in which you have been living, and your educational plans.

The concerned students with Campus France Process have also to apply to the French Institution in which they are interested entering.



The Summer School is dedicated to the engineer foreign students who come to study in Toulouse and want to improve their level in french as a foreign language (FLE). 

B1 is the minimum level required to attend courses at ENSEEIHT, since all the courses are taught in French (except MoST).

The contents of the flyer will be updated by mid of May.

The period for Summer 2017 is from August 07. until September 01.

The interested in and registered students will be contacted in June by the team of the TOUL'BOX, which will take on you by your arrival at Toulouse-Blagnac airport or Toulouse-Matabiau railway station. This team will also guide you for the first and necessary administrative steps, as described in this page.


International Office

Upon their arrival, the foreign students are welcomed by the International Office team (opening hours 9:30 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 17:00). It will guide them in their very first steps of their arrival, and all along their stay for any question or difficulty.

Incoming Students: Office F114 - Building F, first floor

Head of International Office: F119 - Building F, first floor

A special afternoon will be also dedicated to all of them.

Welcome Team (WELCOME 7)

In order to ease the integration of the exchange students, a team will help them to better understand the School rules and its campus life. They will answer all the requests concerning the difficulties during the classes, and will organize many international events. They will contact the students in June.


Here is the website to find out information about the "Restaurants Universitaires of CROUS" opened : 

The ENSEEIHT got its own "Restaurant Universitaire" on the spot, for the lunch time.

Internet Access Code

Your registration at ENSEEIHT will allow you to get your personal Internet Access Code. On the day after your registration you will be able to ask for it by our IT department.

Accommodation - CROUS and others possibilities


CROUS Halls of residence are dedicated to the students. A limited quota of rooms is proposed by Toulouse CROUS services to the Universities and Schools' International Offices, for the incoming students as exchange students. If they are interested in, the concerned students will receive the corresponding admittance notices, which will precise the location, the amount of the rent and of the deposit. The booking stays valid 7 days from the 1st day mentioned on the notices as being the beginning.


The students will be asked a mandatory booking deposit of 50 Euros to be payed by end of August, as a confirmation of their decision to come (cf the terms of payment on the Annexe 2 of your admittance notice). For any difficulty the students could meet, they have to send an email to : (international @ crous-toulouse.f)


When the students will arrive at the secrétariat of the Hall of Residence, they must :

  • Provide the documents such as precised on the notices *the admittance notice *2 ID photos *guarantor "caution solidaire" or convention of guarantee CLé (see the way to do on the Annexes of the admittance notice *the enrolment letter from Enseeiht while waiting for the ENSEEIHT' student card *the passport or ID card *the proof of paid booking deposit
  • Pay the first rent (see Conditions Financières on the Annexe 1 of the admittance notice) plus a deposit of about the value of a monthly rent : either by cash, or with a french bank check, or with a bank card. 500 € bank notes are not accepted.
  • Bring back the CROUS rules and regulations' form that they have received from CROUS, filled in and signed, to the "secrétariat" of the Hall of Residence


The students must avoid to arrive during the week end (secrétariat of the Hall of Residence is closed), as you must register at this secrétariat  in order to get the keys of your rooms (opening hours are 8h30-12h30 and 13h30-16h, from Monday to Friday).


Note: sheets, covers, crockery, tableware, dishes... are not provided by the Hall of Residence. The bed is a single bed (size is 0.90m).

Others ways to find out an accommodation


Université de Toulouse


Loca7 (ENSEEIHT students association)



"Caution Clé" - Guarantor

In France, each renter must provide a guarantor : somebody who will pay the rent for you if he can't.
- For the non european students: if the guarantor has been living in France, the students and the guarantors have to fill out the "caution solidaire" form.
- For the Erasmus + students: their parents could be their guarantors. The students and the guarantors have to fill out the "caution solidaire" form.

The "caution solidaire" forms are joined to the admittance notices.
- For the others students, the only possibility for a guarantor is to sign up for "Caution Clé" form.

The « Clé » system is a government guarantee.

A tutorial to help you (in French, English and Spanish versions).
In case of difficulty, send an email to : or (laccueil @

Means of Transport

TISSEO transportation network

The closest bus or metro station to Enseeiht is "François Verdier" or "Place Dupuy"

"Carte Pastel": For the students less than 26 years old - unlimited transport for bus and metro (10€ per month)

This "carte" can be bought at the airport, at TISSEO shops, at the metro station Jean Jaurès 

More than 26 years old

Interactive Map


Other way of transportation - "VélÔ Toulouse"

This bike sharing system is open 24/7.
Activate your long-term subscription on your Pastel card or student card and get some reduction or use the one delivered by Vélô Toulouse.

For more information follow: VélÔ Toulouse



Opening a bank account is mandatory to make payments or to receive the CAF benefits.

Documents to be provided:

  • An identity document (passport, visa, residency permit, etc.)
  • A proof of address (telephone or electricity bill, rent receipt, booking certificate for your accommodation, etc.)
  • A student card or certificate of school attendance.


Some examples of French Banks: LCL, Société Générale, BNP Paribas, ...


Pay attention to the delay to get your bank card and your cheque book, it could be around 10 days.  


The one who don't have a bank card when they will arrive to Toulouse, would need to pay only by cash (be careful : 500 Euros bank notes are not accepted in France).
Some general examples of payments to be made upon your arrival, depending on your situation:
- the enrollment fees for the one who are attending the Summer School
- the first rent and the deposit for the accommodation (by cash, or bank card or check) upon your registration at the Secrétariat of the Hall of Residence
- the amount of Sécurité Sociale for the non european students (215 €) to be payed for your registration at Enseeiht
- the registration fees at Enseeiht 
- your meals and first purchases
- ...


Insurances (housing insurance, public liability insurance)

Accommodation : 

Housing insurance certificate (attestation d'Assurance Multirisques Habitation) 

This certificate is compulsory in the Halls of Residence in order to cover:

  • water damages, theft and fire.

Such an insurance could be bought from websites such as L'EQUITE/AGH, MAE or from an insurance agency or when opening your bank account.


Public liability insurance certificate (attestation de Responsabilité Civile) 

Responsabilité Civile (public liability insurance) is included in the housing insurance policy. It must be written on the corresponding certificate.
The students could also get Public Liability Insurance when they will register at Enseeiht (around 16 €).


Health - Sécurité Sociale - Mutuelles -

 The “Assurance maladie” also called “Securité Sociale”.
  • This mandatory insurance covers 70% of the medical expenses. European citizens coming from an EEE state and owner of a European health insurance card are exempted from subscribing it. More information on the Assurance Maladie website:
  • An additional insurance, which is not mandatory but strongly recommended, is proposed by a lot of "mutuelles complémentaires". It allows to complete to a 100%.


There are two specific providers of students health insurance: LMDE and VITTAVI. Both of them also provide a “mutuelle complémentaire”.

European students

  • They have to provide for their registration at Enseeiht, their European Health Insurance Card (CEAM card)  which will have to cover the entire stay in France


Non-European students, depending on the length of their stay

  • For a full school year - From 2016, the french social security system covers the students for the period from September 1st to August 31st. And for all the enrollments made from September 1st till December 31st, there will be retroactivity on September 1st.

So, it's  mandatory for the students to get such an insurance that will cover them in France, from their arrival till September 1st.

The contribution is to be paid during the university enrollment: 215€ (2016-2017)

  • If the stay in France is of maximum 3 months the students need only a private insurance and not the French social security.
  • If the students are over 28 years, they have to subscribe to a private social security covering their stay in France, such as:
    • LMDE
    • 2M Assurances
    • Cabinet Olivier Puechblanc (COP)
    • April - Crystal Studies - Contact (hafsia.durand @ 



The SIMPPS (Service Interuniversitaire de Médecine) offers some free services and assists the students during the academic year for:

  • Questions about health, emergencies (contact the nursing office !) 
  • Health concerns (make an appointment with a doctor) even if specifics (you can make an appointment with a dermatologist, a gynecologist, a tobacco specialist, a nutrition specialist)
  • Problems of discomfort, depression ... (ask for an appointment with a psychologist or psychiatrist)
  • Social questions, administrative procedures (ask for an appointment with the social worker, Madame Catherine Capdevielle)
  • The introduction of special measures necessitated by a disability, whether temporary or permanent (make an appointment with a doctor).


SIMPPS, Service Médical et Social Etudiant, is located in the premises of Université Toulouse 1 Capitole (courtyard of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, behind the "cafeteria", at the groundfloor - 2 ter rue des Puits Creusés).

It is open from 8h30 to 17h, Monday to Friday.

Secrétariat : - Accueil Infirmier : (ou 49).


Mme Catherine CAPDEVIELLE (catherine.capdevielle @ service social - Tel :


OFII Sticker - Préfecture


The Prefecture provides a welcome service for international students at the Welcome Desk (from beginning of September to end of January). Students will receive their residence permit here. To obtain the application form, each concerned student must make an appointment on the Prefecture website and upload the file appropriated to their personal situation (1st application or renewal).

Contact (etudiants @

OFII Sticker Information 

Upon arrival in France, you should contact the OFII to trigger the process and get your “long stay visa be worthing as a resident permit” (VLS-TS) validated.
You must get it in the 3 months of your arrival.
The instructions and the steps are all explained in the OFII user guide, given alongside the “long stay visa be worthing as a resident permit” (VLS –TS) at the French consulate. In order to make an appointment to get the OFII sticker, you could send  the filled-in request form by post to the OFII address, or bring it directly to their office.


CAF (Caisse d’Allocations Familiales) allows you to get housing allowances.
These allowances are called APL (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) and ALS (Allocation de Logement Social).
Be careful:

  • The first month of the rent is not taken into account by the CAF.
  • You have to wait 2 to 3 months before the payment begins. 
  • Allowances could be either directly paid to the landlord (CROUS) or to you
  • You must provide a RIB to the CAF.
  • The Non-European students must provide the OFII sticker (or the acknowledgement of receipt by OFII of the filled-in request)
  • The rent receipts are now available on line on "CitéU" icon of the platform ""

You can make the application online:
Don't forget that you can come to the Welcome Desk, where CAF officers will assist you in estimating your possible allocations and help you with your application

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