CESAME project

In the Saint-Aubin district of Toulouse, the Health Insurance CPAM office, the Family Allowance CAF office, the N7, the Post Office, the Postal Bank (information systems headquarters), and the Postal Bank, have joined together to design a conjoint mobility plan. The CESAME Saint-Aubin Club for Ecological Mobility project ensures the implementation and follow-up of the following mobility plan points :

  • A user report of desired individual transport means (walking, cycling, public transport) or for carshare ;
  • Quality accessibility to the zone for all means of transport alternatives to individual cars ;
  • Access to mutualised services implemented by all or some of the partner establishments

The mobility plan is an opportunity for partner establishments. It is a tool :

  • To facilitate the management of the organisation of human resources ;
  • To enhance the quality of life of collaborators ;
  • To communicate, improve and promote social and environmental workplace practices.

The mobility plan is also the opportunity to modify established practices, not only concerning professional trips but also home to work travel. The benefits are :

  • Less transport costs and more buying power for staff ;
  • Less stress and travel fatigue, increased productivity ;
  • Less road traffic and reduced risk of car accidents ;
  • Less time spent in traffic jams and improved work-life balance ;
  • Improved accessibility to work sites for collaborators, clients, partners and visitors, for all alternative transport means ;
  • Reduced parking areas, land investment costs and upkeep expenses.


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