MSc Satellite Communication Systems : from engineering to end-to-end systems MSC Mention SATCOM systems, 2 years, Toulouse INP

Fact sheets 

 Degree :  Master of Science in Engineering


Duration / ECTS : 2 years, 120 ECTS


Language : English


Place : Toulouse INP – ENSEEIHT


Tuition fees : 9000 euros/year

(reduction down to 5473 €/year for academic partners, european and selected students)


Contact :

Pr Marie-Laure Boucheret

Head of the Master : master_satcom (master_satcom @

How to apply

About the program:

The SATCOM systems program aims to train autonomous graduates in the field of satellite telecommunications. The level of expertise acquired in electronics, digital communications, networks and systems allows them to quickly access positions of responsibility in this field and more generally in the field of telecommunications.

The program is built upon on the following foundations:

  • A global approach of system design and analysis by taking into account the environments, the limitations and constraints, the interfaces and the expected performances,
  • An expertise in the disciplines contributing to the design of these systems: electronics, digital communications, networking, etc.
  • Simulation tools and field techniques,
  • Development of applications for the space and embedded-system domains



Major themes

Aeronautics and Space • Satellite • Telecommunications • Electronics • Digital communications • Networks• Optics


 Application deadlines

Late june

Program compon ents:

The SATCOM systems master is a two year program with a total of 120 ECTS. You will explore the world of:

  • Digital electronics
  • RF electronics
  • Optics
  • Signal and Digital Communications
  • Networks
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Satellite communications

Complete program


Research Institutions & Industrial Partners

Toulouse being the French capital of Space, the Master program benefits of a unique research and professional environment. It also profits from the strong connections with the aerospace and defence industries developed by faculty members of ENSEEIHT.

The Master program is supported by major actors in the field of satellite communications (Airbus Defense and Space, Thales Alenia Space, CNES, SES, EUTELSAT, INMARSAT…). The teaching staff is composed of faculty members who are part of major French research laboratories and experts of satellite industry.


Job opportunities:

The main sector of activity is satellite telecommunications, but graduates can integrate into the entire field of telecommunications.

Graduates are mainly hired by the major European players in the field of satellite telecommunications (system and service providers): industrials (Thales Alenia Space, Airbus Defense and Space, etc.), agencies (CNES, DLR, ESA, etc.), operators (EUTELSAT, SES, INMARSAT). Large companies in the field of telecommunications in general such as Thales and Orange for example are also employers. Graduates are also recruited by SMEs such as: CLS, Silicom, Sigfox, etc.


Required documents and Application procedures


The National Institute of Electrical engineering, Electronics, Computer science,Fluid mechanics & Telecommunications and Networks

2, rue Charles Camichel - BP 7122
31071 Toulouse Cedex 7, France

+33 (0)5 34 32 20 00


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