Advanced Master's degree in Satellite Communications Systems (SatCOM)From engineering to end-to-end systems (ENSEEIHT - TELECOM SudParis)

Accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Écoles


The master's program benefits from strong connections with aerospace and defence industries developed by ENSEEIHT and TELECOM SudParis.


For fifty years, satellite systems have demonstrated their excellence to collect and distribute data in a vast coverage area for the benefit of thousands of users. Within the global telecommunications industry, satellite communications display one of the most profitable businesses in permanent evolution. Companies of the sector, both system and service providers, are constantly looking for junior executives offering the expertise matching the specifics of space communications.


The SatCOM Systems program is tailored to provide students with necessary up-to-date knowledge to master various aspects of digital communication, signal processing, and networking applied to communication or navigation systems. Such systems are strategic for space applications.


The program is built upon on the following foundations:


  •   A global approach of system design and analysis by taking into account the environments, the limitations and constraints, the interfaces and the expected performances,
  •   An expertise in the disciplines contributing to the design of these systems: signal processing, digital communications, networking, etc.
  • Simulation tools and field techniques,
  • Development of applications for the field of space.



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