Careers & Management

Throughout their careers, N7 engineers manage a wide range of projects and/or teams. Many N7 engineers also create and direct their own companies, often as soon as they graduate with their engineering degree. Engineering students must therefore acquire and develop the skills necessary to undertake these kinds of responsabilities during their training years.

To achieve this aim, N7 proposes a variety of projects and activities involving different actors of the establishment (Soft Skills Center,  Business Relations, etc.), other schools, or company and industry partners, in order for students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, the initiative-taking reflex, creativity, a taste for responsability, whilst also taking account of legal, social, ethical and environmental dimensions.


Meetups with experts are scheduled throughout the academic year, focusing on key themes combining technological and social issues. Participation in these events can foster innovation ideas or boost the creation of  startups. Students also have the opportunity to get involved in numerous challenges, competitions, or hackathons proposed by companies, associations or other organisations where they also, via alternative non-classical means, acquire and develop experience and competencies in project management and adminstration. This kind of active participation can be taken account of, and validated, as compensation for certain academic modules.


In order to encourage and support student entrepreneurship, Toulouse INP was the first establishment in France to propose the student-entrepreneur status to enable students to develop their startup creation projects. This new status enables student-entrepreneurs to benefit from an adapted timetable and an extra academic year to complete their engineering studies.


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