CitizenshipThe Soft Skills Center of N7 offers a new option in Careers & Management which focuses on environmental transition and sustainable development.

In 2021-2022, N7 students will be offered a new third option, in addition to the existing 2 « Leadership » or « Entrepreneurship » options, offered within the framework of training in « Careers & Management » proposed by the Soft Skills Center. This new « Citizenship » option, driven by a work group composed of students, alumni and teachers, consists in specialized classes which focus on environmental transition and sustainable development issues. 4 dense modules, each of 6 interactive sessions, aim to develop knowledge and competencies concerning the sociology of engineering science, organisational and individual responsibility, the philosophy of technique, etc. Exchanges with alumni and industrial partners play an important role to allow students to discuss issues related to the engineer’s role, the stakes, issues and solutions for successful future transitions. A key step in the creation of this optional course was a collaborative project conducted with the co-founders of the Carbon Literacy Project of Manchester, England. This non-profit association proposes innovative carbon literacy training and was discovered by a team of N7 teachers and students during a Campus France event at the Cop21 in Paris.

The actors of the new « Citizenship » option – N7 students and teachers, and the co-founders of the Carbon Literacy Project of Manchester.


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