Civic EngagementCivic Engagement : More than 100 new team projects launched each year since 2018

Collective responsibility, individual and organisational commitment is central to student life and Humanities « Soft and Human Skills » training proposed at the N7. To obtain the engineering diploma, students conduct a team project which involves volunteering in a non-lucrative civic activity of their choice. The possibilities are numerous : investment in a national or international charity, or in school associations (student representative, mentor or tutor to students in difficulty, etc.), the management or creation of an association (Junior Entreprise-N7 Consulting, AC7PT to promote inclusion-equity-diversity, Human7 for humanitarian projects, Ingénieurs Engagés for ecological transition projects, Welcome7 for participating in the international student buddy network, etc.), or active participation in national or international competitions (4L Trophy, hackathons or European business games, etc.) etc.


Student civic engagement projects are validated in steps, throughout the three years of studies, via the production of written reports and videos in English, uploaded to each student’s digital portfolio. In semester 9, students participate in a poster session where they present their civic engagement activities in light of the 17 UNESCO Sustainable Development Objectives. Since the 2018 launch, more than 100 civic engagement projects are validated each year, in collaboration with local, national and international associations.


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