Sustainable Development

The N7 continuously co-constructs its training to better align with the wishes and needs of students and industrial partners. A new transversal « Sustainable Development » module, proposed within the framework of training offered in « Careers & Management » by the establishment’s Soft Skills Center, will be launched from semester 5 2021-2022 for all first year L3 students.

This 10 hour module is divided into 6 classes and is being developed by a work group composed of students, teachers and industrial partners.


The objective is two-fold : first, to introduce students to UNESCO’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and associated concepts and issues (sociology of engineering science, circular economy, life-cycle analysis, etc.), and secondly, to foster student proposals for team civic engagement projects focusing on one or more SDGs.

Communication is conducted in both French and English throughout the course.

An example of a student civic engagement proposal poster.


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